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Looking for an artist

2010-01-18 18:32:04 by RuneSkyr

Ok, here's the deal...

I'm trying to get this graphic novel on shelves, but I need an artist to draw for me.

Looking for a dedicated artist who's willing to help me get this novel published.

Email or AIM me

Script for Episode 1 complete

2008-10-18 20:28:26 by RuneSkyr

Took a few days, but I got the script done. Now I need to find concept art for a couple of the characters. Anybody who is interested, PM me...

Hopefully someone will bite... lol

Working on the Script

2008-10-16 22:00:45 by RuneSkyr

Currently, I'm getting the story down. I'll finish that before i start on making the flash movie. It's gonna be big, so I'll prolly have to break it down into Episodes.

It's a Final Fantasy Parody... FF7 I guess...

I'll be nice and at least give you the name of the series:

Final Fantasy: Secrets of the Lifestream

There ya go... Well, I'm gonna get back to work.


Not so Simple...

2008-10-10 19:13:43 by RuneSkyr

Wow... This stuff isn't as easy as it seems... It's prolly gonna take me a bit longer than expected to get this thing up and running...

Don't lose faith in me though... I'm trying.


2008-10-08 06:54:11 by RuneSkyr

Holy Crap

Well, guys... Here I am.

This will be a fun experience I'm sure...

1st day as an official member, and I already have an Idea for what my 1st Flash is gonna be... But, since I've not worked with the flash player yet, it will take me some time. I assure you, you won't be disappointed with my idea.

Until then, check out the latest episode of the best series on Newgrounds (In my opinion)

Super Mario Bros. Z